While Marvel comics shows off its US appeal all across the map, Manga has soundlessly became the forerunner in our cultures readership. Over 50 years ago when Manga first started to become mainstream in Japanese civilization, each and every generation still are loyal readers. Japanese comics are called Manga and the technique of their comics has a unique flair of pictures, story telling and exceptional facial expressions on their characters.

Inside the American population, comic sales are planned to a certain age class of youngsters while Japanese Manga is planned at each age group, inexperienced and mature.

Manga has its own particular style of art also they markedly have their owned flair of painting eyes, a face, a nose, a forehead, a chin and characters. English reading countries read books opposite of how Japanese Manga books are read. You read from the backside of the book and you view each foldout right to left. The artistic way that Manga portrays its story is in a style that is one and only. The collectible aspect of Manga art is a thriving market for art collectors in Japanese society.

The major difference with US comics and Manga is in each American comic volume, each issue shows its own different plot. Manga comics will have one plot through the life of the complete volume. This is why Manga books is sometimes thought of as a graphic novel. Manga is usually done in black and white for the inner pages and the bound book that holds each volume is usually serialized within. Manga in Japan is either enjoyed as a complete novel with all the volumes put together in one full book or as a monthly type readership one volume at a time. In the United States today, comics are not respected too much as art or literature. In Japan, Manga is a much respected form of art and literature. Because of the respect Manga receives in the Japanese market, many of these novels end up on tv shows and movie theaters.

While Manga is the best media outlet for the Japanese market, the readers can enjoy a story about anything they want because of the ease of this way of telling a story. This makes it easy to describe complicated descriptions that matter in a story. Using Manga as a tool to deliver a message as a story is really helping companies realize the power of Manga. In Japan, Manga is such a powerful medium that if you took all the years sales of American comics and put it against Japanese Manga, Manga would cover all US sales in one weeks time. This is why Manga is very powerful in the Japan market. From young to old, Manga covers every class in Japan culture.

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Manga Style Anime Drawings
by Kioky Salazar

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