Japanese Comic by Kioky Salazar - MY KOMIK, MY WORLD!!
Japanese Comic by Kioky Salazar

Japanese Comic by Kioky Salazar

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While USA comics work to develop readership to the market, inside of the US market Manga readership is developing leaps and bound. Over 50 years ago when Manga first started to become mainstream in Japanese civilization, each and every generation still are loyal followers.

Manga, or Japanese comics, have characters in their books with marvelous facial and animation expression, a story line and a different unique fashion of depicting their cinema techniques. Inside the American population, comic sales are aimed to a certain age rank of youngsters while Japanese Manga is steered at the entire age group, adolescent and mature.

Design for Manga art is considerably unique as well as they outstandingly have their owned grace of drawing eyes, a face, a nose, a forehead, a chin and backgrounds. Manga books are read very differently from English reading countries. Japanese Manga books start from the back of the book and you read each leaf right to left. The way that Manga tells its story is in a division by itself. Manga art style projects are highly thought of and is a highly collectible product.
What separates American Comics and Japanese Manga is in each American comic volume, each comic has its own separate plot. The Manga style will all follow the same plot throughout the life of the Manga volumes. This is why Manga books is sometimes thought of as a graphic novel. Most of the Manga book inner pages are drawn in black and white and all volumes within each book is serialized within a bound book. Manga is usually read as a monthly comic novel or as a put together with all volumes as a book in Japan. In the USA today, art and literature gets no respect with comics. In the Japanese market, Manga is highly respected and coveted as literature and an art form. Because of the respect Manga receives in the Japanese market, many of these novels end up on tv shows and movie theaters.

With Japan having a great media venue through Manga, it is easier to tell a story about anything you want to your readers. This makes it easy to describe complicated descriptions that matter in a story. Companies are using Manga as a media outlet to help deliver their message to potential customers. In Japan, Manga is such a powerful medium that if you took all the years sales of American comics and put it against Japanese Manga, Manga would cover all US sales in one weeks time. This is why Manga is very powerful in the Japan market. This market covers every person in the Japanese society, young and old.

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